CNC Sheet Metalwork

CNC Punching

Our CNC Punching facilities are composed of a CNC punch press which is programmed “off line” using a RADAN CAD/CAM system. This enables us to programme parts quickly and without interrupting production, a programme once generated can be sent via a cable link to any of the three machines.


Amada Acute 2510 – 200 KN NC Turret Punch Press

Radan CAD/ CAM Off-line Programming System – 2D & 3D


We can punch a variety of materials which include St.Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Titanium and Nickel Alloys. We can process sheets as large 3000 x 1250 mm (up to 3 mm thick in mild steel).


GOOD AMADA PIC TOOLING20160915_080917-2


CNC Bending

We are able to carry out single or multi stage bending operations using any one of our 4 press brakes, the largest of which is an Amada 100 Tonne x 3.0 Mtr HFE CNC (computer and numerically controlled), this machine is capable of bending sections 3000mm long in 3mm thick mild steel (shorter length up to 8mm thick), the user friendly programming console is able to control 7 axis and enables us to generate complex bending programmes quickly and accurately



Hand Fitting / Finishing

We employ a team of highly skilled engineers to carry out manual and semi automatic processes, these include hand forming and setting (removal of distortion created by heat treatment or other thermal processes), rivet & stud insertion, notching, cropping, piercing, bending, rolling, part marking, polishing and surface finishing.

We have a range of equipment to aid some of these processes which include;

  • 50 Tonne x 1.25 Metre Amada HF CNC Pressbrake
  • Ercolina Hydraulic Tube Bender – 1.5” Dia Max
  • Zopf Section forming Rolls – 20 x 20 x 4mm Max (Steel Angle)


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