COVID 19 – Fowlers of Bristol (Engineers) Ltd. Date Created: 18/03/2020  Latest Update 10/01/2021

To our valued Employees, Customers, Suppliers and Service Providers,

Just to keep you up to date, we have recently amended our COVID-19 action list in line with the latest Government guidance to ensure we reduce the risk of infection to our employees, customers, suppliers and the wider community.


  1. We have provided additional soap/handwash and single use towels/tissues to enable our employees to wash and dry their hands more frequently.
  2. We have displayed posters showing NHS guidelines on best practice handwashing in all kitchen and toilet areas.
  3. We have displayed NHS ‘Catch-it, Bin-It, Kill-it’ posters around the factory (instructions on dealing with coughs or sneezes).
  4. We have spoken to all our employees to ensure they understand the importance of hygiene and follow the NHS guidelines.
  5. We have increased the frequency of cleaning around the factory, particularly shared surfaces, taps and door handles.
  6. Where it is safe to do so we have kept doors open to minimise hand contact.
  7. Antibacterial Hand gel (70%+) is located in a number of areas around the factory and offices, this includes employee touchscreens, we have instructed all users of the touchscreen to sanitise their hands immediately before and after use, there are also posters next to the touchscreens reminding employees to follow those instructions.

Groups / Human Contact

  1. We have limited the number of employees allowed in our canteen to a maximum of 5 at any one time, this is achieved by staggering tea breaks and lunch breaks.
  2. We have restricted the number of staff allowed in the kitchen and toilet areas at any one time. Employees have been provided with door opening tools so that they do not have to touch surfaces. Kick plates / foot openers have also been installed to doors.
  3. We have made it compulsory for our employees and any visitors to maintain a distance of 2 metres between themselves and other personnel (floor markers have been put down in several areas as a guide).
  4. We have provided face masks to all employees, the use of these is mandated at all times when they are away from their immediate work station.
  5. We are restricting face to face customer/supplier visits & meetings to those which are absolutely necessary for business continuity (e.g. machine breakdowns).
  6. We are encouraging the use of Webex or other on-line meeting platforms in place of face to face meetings.
  7. Where visitors/contractors do need to come on-site we will ask them to scan in using the NHS track and trace AP (QR codes are displayed at all entry points), we will insist they wash their hands on entry, we will also issue face masks which are mandatory whilst moving around the site and where it is not possible to maintain a 2 metre gap between individuals. we will also be checking that visitors are not in one of the vulnerable/at-risk groups (pregnant, over 70 or with an underlying health condition).
  8. Staff / Visitors will not be permitted entry to our premises if they have been in contact with someone either showing symptoms or confirmed as having COVID-19.
  9. A one way system has been in place at the factory, minimising the risk of crossing paths / allowing the 2 meter distancing rule to be obeyed.
  10. We have been using Perspex screens in shared offices and have arranged the rooms to comply with social distancing.

Vulnerable/at-risk employees and their families

  1. Those who are pregnant, over 70, with an underlying health condition, living with elderly relatives or showing flue like symptoms – We are working with and supporting these employees to ensure they follow the latest government advice around self-isolation
  2. We are a business that provides support to all its staff and ensure we look after their physical and mental wellbeing as much as possible. We encourage our employees to seek support should they need it and advise any concerns to our HR department / Direct Manager.


  1. We have identified those employees that can work from home either on a full or part time basis and have provided the equipment (laptops) & software to enable them to do so.

Packaging & Despatch

  1. We have ensured that employees engaged in the packing and despatch of goods follow the guidelines on frequent handwashing and social distancing.
  2. Single use gloves will be worn and changed following a break or after coming into contact with an outside contractor (e.g. courier).
  3. When collecting or delivering goods, our drivers will wear single use gloves and comply with any protection measures our customers/suppliers have in place.
  4. We have erected a barrier to ensure outside couriers cannot enter the factory and maintain the minimum 2 metre gap between themselves and Fowlers personnel.

Government Guidance

  1. There are now daily briefings by the Government and the situation is changing on a regular basis, we will adapt to comply with the latest government guidance which can be found by following this link
  2. Following government guidance we have created the NHS COVID QR posters for any visitors to check in to Fowlers. This has been made part of our visitor Health & Safety induction.

Business Continuity

  1. We are currently open for business and intend to remain open for the foreseeable future, however we may have to operate on reduced numbers of staff depending on the numbers that stay home due to self-isolation, infection or illness.
  2. Our normal lead times may increase due to reduced members of staff.
  3. If any orders / schedules are affected by reduced numbers of staff we will ensure this is communicated to our customers at the earliest opportunity via our normal schedule response or specific email.
  4. A high percentage of our business is on Defence contracts for both the UK and US military, we have received a letter from the Ministry of Defence advising us that as a Defence contractor it is critical that we continue to operate in support our armed forces.
  5. As from 03/08/20 we have reverted to our normal working hours. We have put in place safety measures and can confirm we comply with the latest Government guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further help or information