COVID 19 – Fowlers of Bristol (Engineers) Ltd. Date Created: 18/03/2020 Latest Update 05/10/22

To our valued Employees, Customers, Suppliers and Service Providers,

Just to keep you up to date, we have recently amended our COVID-19 action list in line with the latest Government guidance to ensure we reduce the risk of infection to our employees, customers, suppliers and the wider community.

COVID 19 – Fowlers of Bristol (Engineers) Ltd.


  1. Hygiene
  1. Provide additional soap/handwash and single use towels/tissues to enable our employees to wash their hands more frequently.
  2. Display posters showing NHS guidelines on best practice handwashing in all kitchen and toilet areas.
  3. Display NHS ‘Catch-it, Bin-It, Kill-it’ posters around the factory (instructions on dealing with coughs or sneezes).
  4. Speak to all employees to ensure they understand the importance of hygiene and follow the NHS guidelines.
  5. Increase the frequency of cleaning around the factory, particularly shared surfaces, taps and door handles.
  6. Ensure cleaning contractors are aware of points A to E above, that they also comply with this policy and ensure cleaning materials are single use to avoid cross contamination.


  1. Groups / Human Contact
  1. Stagger our tea breaks and lunch breaks to reduce the amount of personnel in confined spaces.
  2. Where visitors/contractors come on-site insist they clean their hands on entry and check their temperature.
  3. Ask visitors to wear masks or keep a distance of at least 2 metres between themselves and our employees.
  4. Visitors that enter the building for very short periods of time (delivery drivers etc)  – Ask that they avoid direct contact with our employees.


  1. Vulnerable/at-risk employees and their families
  1. Those who are pregnant, over 70, with an underlying health condition or living with elderly relatives – Identify and support them to ensure they are not exposing themselves to unnecessary risk.


  1. Employees testing positive for Covid but who have mild symptoms and feel well enough to work
  1. If the employee is able to work from home then encourage them to work from home (a company laptop will be provided).
  2. If the employee cannot work from home then ask them to come into work but put measures in place to reduce the risk of infection to the rest of the workforce (masks, social distancing, regular hand washing, avoiding communal areas, avoiding touchscreen use).


  1. Employees testing positive for Covid but who don’t feel well enough to work
  1. Employee to stay at home until they feel well enough to attend work.
  2. Sick pay will be in line with standard company policy – refer to employee handbook.


  1. Government Guidance
  1. Continue to monitor Government guidance / best practice and update our policy accordingly.